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Billings Gazette Endorses I-177 !!   

billingsgazette“The Gazette editorial board agrees that I-177 would be a better law than the trapping rules now on the books. People shouldn’t have to worry that they or their pets will fall prey to man-made traps when they go out to enjoy public lands.”

Montana Dog Lovers vs Steel Traps Billings GazetteGazette Editorial Board


250px-logo_of_billings_gazetteThe Billing Gazette posted a final endorsement for I-77 today!

“On Initiative 177, we suggest that voters approve this ban on sport and commercial trapping on public lands. Initiative 177 will still allow trapping on all private land, and authorizes trapping on public lands to protect public health and safety and livestock. Present law lets trappers set unlimited numbers of traps and snares on public lands, resulting every year in death and injury to many “nontarget” animals, including pets. Veterinarians and wildlife biologists are among supporters of I-177.”

Please Go VOTE!

I-177 is truly a grassroots, common sense, widely-supported, Montana-driven initiative…but we are up against Well Funded, Out-of-State Opponents.

We need EVERY possible vote we can get.